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Today In Indian History - Historical Events of India

DateEvent Name
Iltutmish, father of Radiya Sultan, died in Delhi.
4/20/1887 Padmabhushan Jemini Roy, famous painter, was born.
4/20/1888 246 reported killed by an hail storm in Moradabad, India.
4/20/1914 Gopinath Mahanti, famous Oriya novelist and Gyanpeeth awardee, was born.
4/20/1930 The Viceroy imposes an ordinance for the suppression of terrorism, following a series of attacks.
4/20/1938 Bhartacharya Chintamanrao Vinayak Vaidya, omnicient research scientist and expert of Marathi and English languages, passed away.
4/20/1954 Panchsheel agreement between China and India.
4/20/1960 Pannalal Ghosh, famous flute player, passed away.
4/20/1965 First Indian team led by M. S. Kohli ascends the Everest.
4/20/1971 Air India started Boing 707 Jumbo Jet flight between Bombay and London.
4/20/1971 India won Cricket Test Rubber' for the first time after defeating West Indies Cricket Team.
4/20/1973 Rioting over food shortages ends after three days in Nagpur.
4/20/1989 R. S. Pathak, Chief Justice of India, elected to the World Court.
4/20/1989 Launching of IRBM `Agni' fails.
4/20/1989 President's rule imposed in Karnataka.
4/20/1991 Ganesh Sadashiv Bhat, famous Marathi film director and President's Award winner of 1963, passed away.
4/20/1992 U. K. Kanitkar, famous scientist, and professor, passed away.
4/20/1993 Jharkhand Movement suspends its 36-days old economic blockade.
4/20/1997 Sheri Bamboat and Hamshad Bamboat win National sea-bird sailing title.
4/20/2000 A full bench of the Madras High Court quashes the Tamil Nadu Government order making Tamil (or mother tongue) as the compulsory medium of instruction in all schools in the State up to Standard V.


Other Historical Dates and Events
5/2/1769Sir John Malcom, former Governor of Mumbai and historian, was born.
3/14/1994Narsinha Rao, Prime Minister, arrives in London for a 4-day official visit.
7/21/1936Vasantrao Vishnu Limye, senior journalist and President of 'Ratnagiri District Parishad', was born.
9/5/1962Dr. Radhakrishnan's birthday declared as Teachers Day.
6/30/2000The Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council adopts a resolution seeking separation from J&K.
6/3/1890Baburao Painter (Baburao Krishnaji Meshri), famous painter, sculptor, film producer and director, was born.
3/9/199314 bus passengers burnt to death in Andhra .
9/2/1992Delhi High Court indicts CBI in Bofors case; FIR and letters rogatory quashed.
10/29/1971Cyclone and tidal waves struck Orissa state claiming 10,000 lives.
3/11/1993Gen. K.V. Krishna Rao returns to Jammu & Kashmir as Governor.