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Bigg Boss 13: Salman opens gates for Sidharth, Asim to settle scores


Author : Indo Asian News Service

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Mumbai, Jan 25 (IANS) "Bigg Boss 13" host, superstar Salman Khan, is fed up with the usual "tu baahar milna (You meet me outside)" threats of contestants. He finally opens gates of the "Bigg Boss" house and asked contestants Sidharth Shukla and Asim Riaz to step outside and settle scores once and for all.

In a promo clip, Salman is seen lashing out at Sidharth and Asim for threatening to 'meet outside'. During their fights, Asim and Sidharth often say "Bahar mil (Meet outside)", "Tu bahar milna (You meet me outside)", "Bahar milta to batata (If we met outside, and I'd show you)".

Talking about the recent fight and the constant threats, Salman said: "Sidharth and Asim, how much poison are you spewing?"

Sidharth is seen clarifying his side, and then Asim tries to explains his by saying: "I was the moderator and took a decision. He (Sidharth) came to me and said, 'you were kicked out by your father and your brother was your father's mistake'."

Salman tells Sidharth to stop interrupting but he ignores it. Salman then yells, "Sidharth, I will throw both of you out of the house."

"Sidharth and Asim have been continuing for the last 17 weeks, asking each other to meet outside the house. Violence is not allowed inside this house. But it's allowed outside the house. So, I will open the gate. Go outside and beat each other up to full satisfaction. Then return to the house if you are in a condition to return," Salman said in the clip.

"Put your money where your mouth is. Bigg Boss, ghar ke do machomen ke liye darwaza kholo. Inko ladna hai (Please open the gates of the house for these two machomen, they need to fight)," Salman added.

After this, Sidharth is seen getting up and challenging Asim: "Okay, I am ready and going". There are reports suggesting that Asim refused to go out.

Sidharth and Asim started as friends inside the house, but their equation has changed a lot over the past weeks. They have been fighting over various issues inside the house. This week, after two massive fights, Sidharth told Bigg Boss that he would beat up Asim and leave the show as he was fed up of the drama.



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