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Ganathan (Tamil)

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Producer : Lee Bolt Director : Bruce Chaline Bolt (Hero) is the grandson of a Military Officer, he lives in a forest with his grandmother. He works as a ledgeman in a quarry, One day he accidently bumps into Ashwini and Bruce (Both Hackers) who are in trouble on his way to the ATM by some Local Goondas, Bolt manages to rescue them and walks back home. Ashwini and Bruce keen to know who the guy was, followed him back to his house to learn that Bolt was just a tough guy doing household chores who did not bother about anything happening around him. Ashwini instantly gets attracted to Bolt who saves her from the goondas. The next day there is an event organized by a Don MARCO who is from Dubai, MARCO askes his assistant Michael to invite Gangster Ramesh Devan and all local influencers in the City (Abu, Cheta, Padmini and Shruthi ) to conduct an illegal street fighting Gamble. Meanwhile Shruthi mentions about this illegal money spinner street fight to Ashvini, and they plan to loot money from this Gamble. Ashwini and Bruce plot Bolt into the street fight. Bolt also manages to win it and earns lots of cash which annoys the Gangster Ramesh and his team, but Bolt manages to win all the successive fights which makes the gangsters very upset. Eventually Bolt picks up a fight with one of the Gangsters, which pushes them to kill Ashwini and Bruce and forge Bolt into a police case, as they were creating a huge loss to the gangsters in the street fighting business. Later Bolt is also plotted to be killed in Jail but Bolt fights with the Gangsters disiples and saves himself.

Write a Review for Ganathan

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